A New Business Philanthropy Paradigm For Funding Charitable Organizations and Ministries

There is a new way for benevolent fund-raising circulating around the country. Some call it “doing well while doing good.” This creative business philanthropic paradigm can have a two-edged benefit to it, if done with the right kind of company. Edge one: providing a manufactured product, such as a meal pack for feeding the starving. Edge two: utilizing an income generating business system that works with the purchasing and sending of such product.

So, you need a company that pays commissions, probably in the network marketing realm. The company has to have certain aspects to their business system, organization, and compensation plan that will benefit philanthropic efforts. First, the company must pay commissions on a product that is dedicated to charitable work, like providing food or something else that benefits the poor, starving, and needy. That way, buying and sending the product to the needy is a charitable act in itself. Second, this company must have a residual income plan for ongoing ordering and commissions. This aspect benefits the charity or charitable giver that becomes involved with the product and company. Thirdly, they must have a multilevel compensation structure. In order for the charitable giver or charity to grow a perpetual income for their cause, they must be able to build a multilevel structure that generates a consistent and growing monthly income.

The dual benefit is that the charitable product itself can be purchased and provided for those in need, and the income from building a charitable purchasing network will benefit the enrolled charity or giver. Again, the two edged benefits need to be: (1) a product that meets needs; (2) an income generating system.

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