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The European association for philanthropy and giving in Canada has many points to ponder these points include: nonprofit formation, governance and charitable purposes, taxation of charities, tax relief for donors, planned giving in Canada, direct designation gifts, and life income gifts such as charitable gift annuity and charitable remainder trust which is also known as CRT. In the nonprofit formation the laws governing the subsequent regulation and formations of nonprofits are initially those of the province of establishment. And in the governance and the charitable purposes the Canada revenue agency at federal level it is responsible for the registration of qualifying the organizations as benefaction that subject to the anglo-saxon banal law of charity. The taxation for charities are exempts at both the provincial and he federal levels. The country relieves the donors of tax because they are donating to a cause. Canada is involved in the planned giving which is also known as gift planning, as the name indicated Canada plans giving and philanthropy work. In the life income gifts Canada provides charitable give annually and charitable remainder trust gives administrative guidelines for charitable remainder trusts.

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There have been recent commands to modernize the law in Bermuda relating to charitable organization and we expect to see a apperception review of the nonprofit sector in Bermuda in the near future. In understanding of what is charitable, the law of Bermuda historically states and looks to the year 1601 on the Elizabethan statute of charitable judgment and uses of the lord Macnaghten in the year 1891 case of the income tax exclusive purposes Pemsel V Commissioners. The year 1601 enactment calculates and computes in its permeable the kinds of charitable trusts that were then in normal provides and use in its body means for the enforcement and protection of such trusts. Following the 1601 act or statute and the Pemsel case, charitable ways have principally been confined and restricted to the advancement of religion, the advancement of the education, the relief of the poverty and other aspirations beneficial to the community that are not falling the advancement of education, religion and relief of the poverty.

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There are two types of basic forms of nonprofit organizations in Belgium. These two forms are also present in many European countries the Belgium law allows these two forms of nonprofit organization, the foundation and the association. The association can take a number of legal forms: the international nonprofit association and the nonprofit association. The nonprofit association in French is the ASBL or in Flemish it is VZW. The international nonprofit association in Flemish is IVZW, and in French it is AISBL. These charitable activities can also be practiced through a de facto association this type of association or organization is has no legal personality and is not incorporated. This foundation or organization is the result of a legal act from entities or individuals that accredit assets to a nonprofit objective and it has no associates. The people benefit foundation has to utilize its financial productive for cultural, social, public benefit, religious or educational benefit purposes.

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