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The nonprofit formation of Austria has 2 specific legal forms which are prescribed for association and foundations of nonprofit for each with its own legal framework. These foundations can be divided into public associations made in the accordance with the federal law on foundations of Austria, that possess permanent assets consecrate to the pursuit of stated charitable public benefit and charitable purposes. In the governance and charitable purposes it is stated that the federal fiscal code comes out to the condition for tax exemption afforded to charitable ecclesiastical and benevolent organizations. If the conditions are set for the whole fiscal year then no tax returns need to be filed and tax exempt status is enjoyed. But another wise exempt organization may be subject to the limited tax liability if the non-government organization receives from which the tax is withheld from at the source. The donor relief facility is done by the law and the government of Austria.

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There are many things that a country should perform to have a stable poverty percentage. Australia is a growing nation and to support philanthropy a country must have charity formation and legal framework, charitable purposes, compliance, regulation and governance issues, Taxations, donor reliefs and cross border giving. Australian has already a law system that includes the legal concept of charitable trusts and charity. The federal government of Australia, territories and state authorities all have the legislations enabled the creation of nonprofit organizations forms by guarantee. Charities must proof that they are satisfying the common law of charity. The categories of tax exemption are cover fairly and wide all income including trading however derived. The organizations that operate outside of Australia may still count for tax exemption when it is operating with in the premises of the country. The feature which differentiates Australia from other countries is charity is not used for the purpose of tax deductible donations.

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