Pioneer in the Field of Philanthropy

Not all men are born equal, some have the privilege of being born in developed countries or in well affluent families while others remain in extreme poverty. The utmost service to mankind is to ensure the basics of food, clothing, shelter and health care to the underprivileged through their work and generosity.

Philanthropy is the deed of donating. Whether it is money, property, or services, any donation is regarded as philanthropy. The amount that is donated does not matter, the act of giving any amount for a noble cause is considered to be philanthropy. A small deed can bring in huge change to the society. When it comes to service to the cause of humanity each small step is a giant one. Philanthropy is not only about giving wealth for a noble cause but also about inspiring others to follow it.

Many nonprofit philanthropic organizations stand by its mission to help the poor and the needy. Philanthropic giving by nonprofit organizations is an effort to improve the well being of common and poor people in the society. Some nonprofit organizations in the world have been sincerely working for the poor and the underprivileged people in the rural and backward villages of developing countries who live in utter poverty. Philanthropic activities by these organizations are targeted to make a substantial change in the social conditions of the disadvantaged people in poor countries, who are deprived of basic facilities to live a better life.

These organizations have targeted areas like education, health care and social awareness. One of the main reasons for backwardness in these countries is the high rate of illiteracy among the masses. These organizations have been providing free education and scholarships to many poor kids and students who cannot afford to go to school or college due to poverty or orphanage. The nonprofit organizations have been running various projects on health, education, environment and family welfare projects for the benefit of people who rarely have any access to health or education facility in the village. They are running health camps, programs on child health, and maternal health. They are also running various social and environmental awareness programs.

These charitable organizations are actively campaigning to encourage people to undertake philanthropy as a noble cause and help bring changes in the lives of thousands of poor people. The result of the active campaigning has been encouraging as many people have come forward to donate for the programs of these nonprofit organizations. These nonprofit charity organizations have been successful in helping people who live in utter poverty in most of the backward regions of the world.

Supported by many philanthropists and a dynamic base of volunteers some nonprofit organizations in Bangladesh have been successful in bringing great changes in the lives of the poor. The philanthropic activities of these nonprofit organizations have been able to bring smile on the face of many poor and disadvantaged people, which has made them pioneers in the field of philanthropy. It has been a great feeling to stand beside these organizations that take to philanthropy and stand beside the lesser children of the god for the cause of brotherhood.

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